Welcome to Classic Design Contractors Inc

Since 1992, Classic Design Contractors (CDC) has achieved widespread recognition for its rich, traditional architecture and unsurpassed level of customer service. With prices ranging from $300,000 to $3,000,000, we construct custom homes & Commercial properties all over Williamson and Davidson County.


Building a new home does not have to be a grueling experience. Here at CDC, we know that building relationships and having fun in the process is every bit as important as building a great home.  Ron Davis’ ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with homebuyers aligned with a strict adherence to critical construction deadlines makes the process easy.  This makes CDC a natural fit for those seeking the very best quality in a new residence.

We have always stood on the principles of quality construction and distinctive design. Over the past several years we have been doing more and more minor and major renovations for customers in the Nashville area.


Please feel free to look around our site and check out our projects. If you are planning to build your new home or renovate an existing one use the Contact Us page or call Ron Davis at 615-584-7890