“After enduring the arduous process of building a home, many people swear never to subject themselves to the unrelenting stress and time consuming misery again. Contrary to most people’s experience, we actually enjoyed the process and have discussed building a second home because of our incredibly wonderful experience with Classic Design. Ron, are you ready?”

Philip and Marguerite Hall


“Buying a Classic Design home has been an incredible experience for us. From the moment we met Ron Davis we knew we could trust him to build a quality home, and as importantly, stand behind it after the sale. Since our purchase, Classic Design has far exceeded our expectations for follow up, displaying scrupulous professionalism and a caring attitude.”

Brian and Carol Carr


“Ron Davis has appropriately named his company “Classic Design.” The quality of workmanship, combined with Ron’s personal attention to detail at every stage of the building process, made it possible for us to have a beautiful home in which we could start our life together and raise a family. We feel so fortunate to be living in a Classic Designs Home, that we have continually recommended Ron to everyone we know that is interested in building their own ‘dream home.’”

Brian and Stephanie Prout